Lila Arnaud

Hola! Mi nombre es Lila and I am a public health professional, doula, educator and interpreter.  Based in New Orleans (AKA Bulbancha), I was introduced to the work of language justice in 2019, and am currently a member of the BanchaLenguas Language Justice Collective. I have been fascinated with language ever since I was a kid, pretending to speak english with my cousins in the Dominican Republic. At that age, we already understood language to be a gateway to other places – the United States, Disney World… 

When I was five, my father and mother,  struggling to find work under a crumbling and highly politicized  economy, had the opportunity to migrate to the US, leaving my little brother and I under the care of family. My brother and I were later approved for visas. The experience of getting on a plane on our own, landing in Miami and navigating “the american dream” has shaped my worldview.

As I continue to learn and grow from my experiences, I digest and share through my writing and yoga practice. I am a futurist, a dreamer, a non-conformist and use my imagination as a tool for resistance.  You can find my thoughts and explorations on my website  and on instagram @lilaarnaud.