Services We Offer

BanchaLenguas currently offers Spanish/English

  • Virtual interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive)
  • Socially-distanced in-person interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive)
  • Translation
  • Language justice consulting for events and organizations
  • Trainings for language justice interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental (flat fee of $100 per day/event)

We work with social justice organizations on a sliding scale, to honor each partnership’s unique needs and abilities. 

To work with us

Please fill out our request form! Our form will guide you through various language justice considerations. Once submitted, a collective member will follow up with you as soon as possible. Please note that requests submitted with less than 5 days notice will be charged a rush fee at the discretion of the interpreting team.

Banchalenguas has provided interpreting and/or language justice consulting for: 

  • Cooperation New Orleans (weekly meetings)
  • The Condor and the Eagle Documentary Film (virtual Q&A sessions) 
  • United for Respect (Online 2 Offline organizing trainings) 
  • Etc.
Recent virtual English/Spanish interpretation provided by BanchaLenguas for Condor and the Eagle Documentary Panel