Services We Offer

BanchaLenguas currently offers Spanish/English

  • Virtual interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive)
  • Socially-distanced in-person interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive)
  • Translation
  • Language justice consulting for events and organizations
  • Trainings for language justice interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental (flat fee of $100 per day/event)

We work with social justice organizations on a sliding scale, to honor each partnership’s unique needs and abilities. 

Banchalenguas has provided interpretation, translation, and/or language justice consulting for: 

  • Cooperation New Orleans weekly virtual meetings
  • Birthmark Doula Collective births
  • The Parent Leadership Training Institute’s leadership program
  • Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center’s virtual conference
  • US Federation of Worker Cooperatives virtual board meetings
  • Southerners on New Ground general meetings
  • The Innocence Project’s legal motion
  • Training for Change trainings
  • The Condor and the Eagle Documentary Film virtual Q&A session
  • United for Respect organizing trainings

and many other organizations!

Virtual interpretation provided by BanchaLenguas for Condor and the Eagle Documentary Panel